Christus Resurrexit Sicut Dixit!

by Fr. David Halm, C.S.C.  |  03/31/2024  |  Pastor's Letter

Christus Resurrexit Sicut Dixit! Christ is risen, just as He said! Happy Easter to you all and may God bless you abundantly this holy season!

Over the past week we have celebrated, as a parish, the mysteries of our faith: the Passion, Teachings and Death of Jesus Christ. This morning we celebrate his glorious Resurrection from the dead!


Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

by Fr. David Halm, C.S.C.  |  03/24/2024  |  Pastor's Letter

A very blessed Palm Sunday to everyone. Following our six weeks of preparation in Lent we have come to the beginning of this most sacred week. Together, over the coming days, we will commemorate the central mysteries of our faith: the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


5th Sunday of Lent

by Fr. David Halm, C.S.C.  |  03/17/2024  |  Pastor's Letter

Just like we found with Advent and Christmas, time flies when you’re having fun (and busy!) It’s hard to believe that Palm Sunday is next week… I hope your Lent has been full of many blessings and graces that have brought you closer to Jesus. As a parish, SJV has celebrated a Mission, weekly Stations of the Cross, daily Mass, and many good confessions. Of course we have also had opportunities for fun like our weekly Fish Fry and the various spring activities in school, youth ministry and religious education. We have celebrated together at weddings and baptisms and mourned together at funerals.


The Missing Piece

by Fr. David Halm, C.S.C.  |  03/10/2024  |  Pastor's Letter

I continue to receive lots of notes and messages from parishioners who attended our parish mission, “The Missing Piece: What Are You Searching For?” that we offered on Feb. 25 - 27. To a person people have expressed gratitude to the Holy Spirit for what we received there. As well, we all owe much thanks to David Portugal, Fr. Andrew, the Faith Formation Office and various parish missionaries who helped to coordinate this. It’s no small project!! Keep your eyes out (and ears tuned) for information on how to participate in “quads” of discipleship.


3rd Sunday of Lent

by Fr. David Halm, C.S.C.  |  03/03/2024  |  Pastor's Letter

I can only speak for myself, but all I can say about the Parish Mission is WOW! I felt the Holy Spirit moving in a most palpable and beautiful way. Jesus was present - as He promised - when 2-3 are gathered in His Name and I think we ended up over 500 gathered together on Night 3. He also walked among us in the Eucharist and we proclaimed and heard and shared His Word. Take a look at the pictures we included in this week’s bulletin and if you were with us, please share your experience with those who weren’t able to attend this year.