Congregation of Holy Cross: Vocations

The Congregation of Holy Cross is a community of Catholic, apostolic priests and brothers called by Jesus Christ and founded by Blessed Basil Moreau, who patterned the religious community after the Holy Family.

The brothers and priests of Holy Cross pray and live united in a common religious life, sharing the same history, vows, and spirituality, and drawing from Blessed Moreau’s trust in Divine Providence, confidence in the Cross as our only hope – Ave Crux, Spes Unica – and zeal to make God known, loved and served.

Holy Cross priests and brothers are called upon to be educators in the faith, who with a preferential option for the poor, educate both the mind and heart principally in the fields of education, parish and mission.

Our distinctive charism and trust in Divine Providence has guided Holy Cross members to found world-renowned institutes of Catholic higher education, parishes across the United States and Mexico, along with other important ministries on five continents. The Congregation of Holy Cross is a vibrant and committed community thriving today with Blessed Moreau’s original zeal and passion to love and serve the people of God.

We are men with hope to bring!

Pray for Vocations

Please keep in your prayers, all of the men in formation. Through your thoughts and prayers, there are many men looking to join the 53 of the Congregation of Holy Cross that are already in formation. For more information, please visit: