Pastoral Care

Annulment Support Ministry

An annulment is an official declaration of the Catholic Church that one or more of the conditions necessary for a valid, sacramental marriage were never met.

Divorce is a kind of death experience, with the grieving that normally accompanies life's end. The annulment process can ultimately help heal wounds and bring about closure. The petitioner is enabled to let go of hurts or doubts and move on to a new, more productive, and more peaceful life. The Annulment Support Ministry provides information about the annulment process and supports those desiring to petition for the nullification of a previous marriage.

Bereavement Ministry

This ministry offers support and consolation within our community of faith, by making Jesus’ love known when a loved one’s life on earth has come to an end.

We will be present for the family during their time of loss and will provide help for those facing the pain of separation and the many changes that loss creates. Our ministry consists of two teams, Consolers and Hospitality. The Consolers are a group of volunteers who provide follow-up support and attend the services. The Hospitality group provides dessert for the family following the funeral. We are looking for compassionate people who are committed to the services provided by our ministry.

Ministers of Care

The Ministry of Care is about the Ministry of Holy Communion to Abrazo West Hospital in Avondale/Goodyear; to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Goodyear; to some local Rehabilitation & Care Centers in the area; and the Homebound Persons in their own homes in the SJV Parish Boundaries.

The ministry is for those who have participated in the Parish Training to be Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers and have completed the Diocesan Safe Environment Training.

Refugee Ministry - Brazos Abiertos

Brazos Abiertos is the newly formed refugee and migrant ministry here at St. John Vianney. The ministry aims to follow Jesus’ command to “welcome the stranger” in our midst. (MT 25:35)

Working with Catholic Charities, members of Brazos Abiertos will seek to adopt newly settled refugee families on an ongoing basis, providing them with practical help, companionship, and love as they begin their new lives in the United States. In addition, in partnership with the Catholic Kino Border Initiative, Brazos Abiertos will work to assist with the human needs of our brothers and sisters at the Mexican border in Nogales. This work will center mainly on organizing parish drives to provide for the material needs of migrants. Allowing them to deeply feel the love of God and neighbor at a very difficult time in their lives.

For more information, please contact parishioner Bob Solis at 602-920-9958 or at Please consider joining this beautiful new ministry!

St. John Vianney Pantry

This ministry strives to serve the needy of our community.

Aside from receiving calls for help with food and financial aid, we offer comfort and hope for a brighter future through prayer and encouragement. Help is always needed to answer those calls, obtain food donations and stock pantry shelves, and assist with fundraising events from time to time. We welcome and rely on volunteers like you to provide to those who experience difficult times. It is a very rewarding experience.