Happy Catholic Schools Week

by Doug Weivoda, Principal of St. John Vianney Catholic School  |  01/29/2023  |  Pastor's Letter

Hello St. John Vianney Parish Families, Happy Catholic Schools Week! Fr. Paul has allowed me space in this week's bulletin, so that I can share a little about myself and about St. John Vianney Catholic School.

First of all for those that may not know me, I am Doug Weivoda. I have been the Principal of St. John Vianney Catholic School since 2013 and a parishioner of SJV since I went through RCIA here in 2008. St. John Vianney is my home, it is where I became Catholic, where I got married, and where each of my four children have, or will, receive all their Sacraments and his or her education.

Now some information about our amazing school. It was founded in 1992 by Fr. Joe Corpora with the express purpose of educating the Heart and Minds of the children of SJV. Our school currently serves the grade levels of Three-Year Old Preschool through 8th Grade. The core curriculum taught is Religion, Reading/Writing, Math, Science & Social Studies. We have special area subjects (PE, Library, Art & Music), sports and clubs and are 1 to 1 student Ipads from preschool to 8th grade. Our staff prides themselves on working hard to meet the academic needs of our students, however the entire fabric of our school revolves around our Catholic Faith. Our student learning expectations are the Pillars of a Holy Cross Education: Mind, Heart, Hope, Zeal, and Family, but like the parish we live by the mission statement, “to know Jesus and to make Him known.”

Oftentimes the factor that most frightens a prospective family is tuition. To that notion, I say that we have a financial aid process in place that if followed will make our school affordable to each and every family in the parish. Do not let finances be the factor keeping your son or daughter from receiving a high-quality Catholic education! If you have ever thought about putting your child in Catholic school, please reach out to my office staff with any questions you may have (623)932-2434 or mmesquita@sjvaz.net. Know that there are many parish families just like yours in our school right now!

Pope Francis said, “As educators, you are called to nurture the desire for truth, goodness and beauty that lies in the heart of each individual, so that all may learn how to love life and be open to the fullness of life,” Therefore, our goal at SJV is to ensure that our students understand the beauty of their life and their faith, both in their minds and their hearts.