To celebrate the 65th Anniversary of our Church, we will endeavor to “say” A Rosary of Acts of Charity for the next year, beginning April 28, 2021, until April 28, 2022.

 For every 6,500 Acts of “Prayer,” “Service,” “Formation” or "Kindness" that we complete as a Parish, we will fill in a bead of the Rosary to be displayed in the church.

 We ask that for every Acts of “Prayer,” “Service,” “Formation” or "Kindness" that you and/or family accomplish, you complete the form below.

 It is an excellent opportunity to celebrate our parish anniversary and commit to growing as Christian disciples through community, education, and prayer. Building in service to each other and our community as Christ has called us and to fulfill the parish mission “To Know Jesus and to Make Him Known."


To complete the form (Click here)