Youth Ministry

"Dear young people do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you!
Do not be afraid to dream of great things!" -Pope Francis 
Welcome to SJV Youth Ministry
where we gather for Faith, Community, and Prayer in order 
"To know Jesus and to make Him known."
Please come join us as we learn what it means to be a
disciple of Christ and walk together on our journey to Heaven!

We meet every week for prayer, fellowship and fun to share what it's like being a teen and begin to discover what God's plan is for our lives. We host retreats, bake sales, field trips, community service opportunities and much more in hopes of coming together as brothers and sisters in Christ to glorify God in all that we do. Our "Teen Club" ministry is for any 6th-8th graders which meets regularly on Tuesdays from 6-8pm. Our "Youth Group" ministry is for any High School students which meets regularly on Wednesdays from 6-8pm. Come join us!

  St. John Vianney Summer Camp


 June 3rd - June 28th from 7:30-1pm


Girls and Boys ages 5-14 years old as of June 3, 2019 are invited to join us for camp! Our camp is dedicated to providing each child with opportunities for human, cultural, and religious formation without regard to race, color, or creed. The camp staff encourages and forms the children to be on fire for Christ! Each child will be able to participate in weekly Mass, swimming/water activities and so much more! The camp is supervised and directed by our Youth Ministry and Holy Cross Seminarians, who enjoy serving the young  people through this faith-filled activity!

Niñas y niños entre 5 a 14 años de edad a partir del  3 de junio del 2019 estan invitados a participar en el Campamento de Verano de San Juan Vianney. El campamento de verano se dedica a proporcionar a los niños con las oportunidades para desarrollar su formación humana, cultural y religiosa, sin distinción de raza, color o credo. El personal del campamento alienta y forma a los niños para ser cristianos comprometidos con una alegría por conocer a Cristo. ¡Cada niño podrá participar en actividades semanales de Misa, natación y mucho más! El campamento es supervisado y dirigido por el Ministerio de Jóvenes y los seminaristas de Santa Cruz, que disfrutan en servir a los jóvenes a través de estas actividades de verano.

Downloadable Forms 

  1. Family Registration Form

  2. Child Emergency Form

  3. Optional Extended Care Form

  4. Summer Camp Meals Menu


Cost Costo

$55.00 per week – 1 child

$75.00 per week- 2 children     

$110.00 per week- 3(+) children

$ 55.00 a la semana - 1 hijo              

$ 75.00 por semana-2 hijos               

$ 110.00 por semana-3(o mas) hijos



Contact or (623)932-3313 ext.113
Extended Care Hours 1-5pm
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               Praise & Worship               3 More Band
Teen Club:
Tuesday Nights
6th-8th Grade

Youth Group:
Wednesday Nights
9th–12th Grade


Youth Minister

Alejandra Acero




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